Comprehensive Pet Care in Your Pocket

Keep your pet’s health and training data in one place and use the validated Helsinki pain index for dogs to recognize and track pain.

What is Pawesomer?

Pawesomer is a wep-app, which helps you track and manage your pet’s health, training and hobbies. Use it on your computer or mobile device, just like any other app.

Pet parents

Pawesomer offers a comprehensive collection of tools for tracking your pet’s health, training and other hobbies. Find widgets to support all your pet’s needs throughout their lifetime.


Pawesomer is not only for pet parents anymore – check out our tools for professionals! The professional version offers tools for interacting with clients and remote monitoring.


Are you a breeder? Use our collection of tools for breeders for comprehensive litter management! You can also share puppy information with the new owner.

Detect pain and monitor its progress

Could your dog be in pain? Dogs are experts in hiding their pain and chronic pain in dogs can be very difficult to detect. Pawesomer has exclusive digital rights to the clinically validated Helsinki Chronic Pain Index for dogs, which helps you notice any changes in your dog’s behavior as early as possible. It is also used to track how treatment is working.

Read more about pain in dogs and the pain index

Developed in continued cooperation with the University of Helsinki, Finland

One of the core ideas of Pawesomer is to not only help individual pets and pet parents, but to contribute to research, ultimately leading to better pet health outcomes in the future.

How does Pawesomer support and contribute to research?

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