Support the health and well-being of your pet

Pawesomer is a growing and easy-to-use collection of tools to help you track your pet’s health and well-being.

Some of the features are tailored to the needs of cats, dogs, and horses, but features like the health and medicine diary, food diary, weight tracking and vaccination and parasite reminders are suitable for most pets. 


Pain Index for Dogs (HCPI)

How do you tell if your dog is in pain? Dogs are not able to tell about their pain like us humans. Developed by the University of Helsinki, the HCPI pain index (Helsinki Chronic Pain Index) is a research-based tool, exclusively available on Pawesomer.

  • In detail questionnaire of your dog’s behavior
  • Index number to determine the pain level
  • Save your results and monitor the changes over time
  • Keep track of your dog’s response to treatments
  • Used by both dog owners and veterinarians to better understand the health of dogs

Training and Activation Diary

The training and activation diary feature allows you to easily track your and your pet’s progress in any training type or other form of activation, whether you’re at home or in the field.

  • Tailored to the needs of different animals
  • Track different disciplines and training types
  • Track your feelings, interaction with the pet, concentration, progress and more

Food Diary

Keep track of your pet’s diet with the food diary. You can add entries daily or every time you give your pet food – whatever works best for you!

  • Select from various food categories
  • Add in the amount
  • Make additional notes
  • Export entries and email to vets or nutrition specialists

Health & Medicine Diary

Make entries of your pet’s general health or specific issues. Over time you will have a detailed history of your pet’s well-being, which helps you notice changes in your pet’s behaviour and health more easily.

  • Current medication and medication history
  • Make separate entries about other health related issues
  • View health and medication entries separately or compare them side by side

Award Cabinet

Every pet is a winner! Perhaps your cat was Best in Show or your dog is the “Guardian of the Leftovers”. With the award cabinet feature, you can design or recreate any award you like.

  • Choose a rosette, medal, or trophy
  • Customize the details and colors
  • Add additional information and notes
  • Displayed in a beautiful gallery

Weight Tracking

Weight tells a lot about your pet’s health. By striving to keep your pet’s weight within the recommended parametres, you can spare your pet from things like the adverse effects of overweight or notice unusual weight loss.

  • The chart view makes monitoring changes simple
  • Body condition score (BCS) chart for cats and dogs provides context for your pet's actual weight and is an important indicator of overall health

Weight tracking is also useful for puppies, kittens and other baby animals to monitor their normal development.


Stable Diary

Keep a record of general stable duties and horse care. Pawesomer has dedicated sections for vaccinations, parasite control and worming, and  medications.


Hoof Care

Make notes about shoing and other hoof care procedures and any other farriery related issues.


Vaccinations & Parasite Control

Pets have many different vaccinations that need to be maintained and are susceptible to a number of parasitic infections. The time frame between shots and treatments varies greatly depending on the species and individual vaccinations and parasite prevention products. Pawesomer makes it easy to stay on top of them, and you will get reminders before you need to renew the treatments.

  • Add in your pet's vaccinations and parasite prevention methods and products
  • Get reminders before expiration
  • Add notes about efficiency and possible side-effects


Pawesomer gives you the option to export entries and results out of the app as Excel files. This allows you to either use the data yourself or email the report to a vet or other professional. For example, you can send your Food Diary to a nutrition specialist or email your HCPI results to a vet.

  • Export food diary and training diary entries, HCPI results and medicine entries
  • The report file contains all the entries from the chosen time period
  • You will be sent the file via email

You can cancel your subscription at any time. No credit card information required at signup.