One of the core ideas of Pawesomer is to not only help individual pets and pet parents, but to contribute to research, ultimately leading to better pet health outcomes in the future.

Pawesomer contributes to research efforts by providing data (with the user’s permission), contributing money towards research and researchers using the platform as a research tool.

Data for research

If a user has given their permission to use their pet’s data for research purposes, pet data (not user data) can be anonymously provided for the University of Helsinki, Finland, for veterinary research purposes.

For example, by pet parents using the pain index for dogs and creating real world data, the researches can further develop the tool for added accuracy and benefit.

Data use in practice

Pet data in Pawesomer can be used, for example, to find out how breed, medication, age, illnesses, diet, or activity levels affect pets. Depending on the study, the data can also be used to determine the effects of genetics, climate or nutrition on pets.

Research into individual subjects can be made on a much more detailed level, using the many features available in Pawesomer.

Funding towards research

Part of Pawesomer’s subscription fee is directed towards research at the faculty of veterinary medicine at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Research aid and tool

Researchers use Pawesomer for free to conduct field research by having participants use the platform during the research period. Participants can be grouped and monitored and even instructed by using the Tasks feature. Relevant data can then be collated and analysed.