Start Guide

This page helps you get started on using Pawesomer and guides you to additional resources.

Start using Pawesomer as a pet parent

Pawesomer is a collection of tools for any pet parent to support the well-being of their pet, and track your pet’s overall health and training long-term. Pawesomer also offers a digital pain index for dogs to recognize and monitoring pain and treatment.

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For detailed instructions on setting up your account, please refer to our help page:

Start using Pawesomer for professionals

Pawesomer is a web-app to support pet parents and pet care professionals in the global care of our furry friends.

The free professional version offers tool to serve your customers even better remotely, to help connect with clients and share information and to provide the best care possible.

Download quick guide pamphlet of Pawesomer for Professionals

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Use Pawesomer as an app

Pawesomer is a web-app and does not currently have a separate app that you can download from an app store. Nevertheless, Pawesomer can be used like an app by adding a shortcut of it on your device’s home screen. Using the shortcut, Pawesomer will open like any other app in its own window.


iOS (iPhone, iPad)