Who can benefit from using Pawesomer?

Pawesomer is a comprehensive pet health and lifestyle monitoring platform for any pet parent as well as those who actively train any disciplines. Pawesomer also offers a set of tools designed specifically for breeders and for professionals working in various fields, for example veterinarians, physiotherapists, and pet trainers. Read more below.

Pet parents

Pawesomer is a collection of tools for any pet parent to support the well-being of their pet. Track and support your pet’s overall health long-term while accumulating more information for future reference. Pawesomer also offers a digital pain index for dogs to recognize and monitoring pain and treatment.

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Trainers and hobbyists

Whether you train in agility, attend exhibitions or focus on some other discipline, Pawesomer has your back. You can chart your progress and activity with the training diary and display your accolades in the award cabinet. Track your progress in different disciplines with the help of graphs.


Pawesomer includes a set of tools for breeders. Use Pawesomer to track and compare the growth of the puppies as well as your own expenses. Collect all information about the litter into one place as the puppies grow and eventually move on to new homes. Any information on a puppy can also be transferred to the Pawesomer account of the puppy’s new parent.

Professionals working in different fields

Pawesomer offers a set of tools for various professionals, including veterinarians, physiotherapists, and pet trainers. Whether you are a small business owner or part of a larger organisation, Pawesomer can help you serve your customers even better, also remotely. Depending on your field, make use of the ability to give your customers tasks, review wide-ranging pet health info to aid decision making and treatment, and manage appointments.

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