Invest in a better, healthier and pain free future of our beloved pets!

Pawesomer (TassuApu in Finland), is an end-to-end pain and health management platform for pets, and we are ready to take it to the next level! We are seeking funding to expand our global marketing reach and to develop our sales team to reach more people.

We have exclusive digital rights to the Helsinki Chronic Pain Index for dogs, and through the use of our platform, we will also benefit research into pain and nutrition that will help our pets in the future as well.

The problem with pain in dogs

People love their pets, but 1 in 5 dogs has chronic pain. Dogs cannot communicate their pain like humans and evaluating pain in dogs is difficult, as is active long-term pain monitoring for both pet parents and vets.

There are approximately 700,000 dogs and 590,000 cats in Finland alone. A lot of loving and worrying pet parents who would be happier and more confident with the support of our evidence-based platform.

Our solution: The Pawesomer Pain and Healthcare Management Platform

Our platform has exclusive digital rights to the Helsinki Pain Index for dogs, a validated pain scoring tool used to recognize and track pain, translated to 16 languages.

The platform allows for remote long-term monitoring of the patient and pain. We also have a pain index for cats.

Our platform has been developed in cooperation with the University of Helsinki, Finland, Veterinary teaching hospital and is built on the latest research.

Pawesomer is also used to collect data (with the user’s permission) to further develop the pain index and for nutritional research. The platform is also used as a research tool to conduct field research.

In addition to pain management, Pawesomer is a comprehensive pet health and lifestyle monitoring platform that allows both pet parents and professionals to access useful information on pets’ overall health and wellbeing.

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We are already gathering interest from various groups such as pet owners, vets, physiotherapists, masseuses, trainers, breeders, and pet hotels and therefore building a varied user base.

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Our team and our international product the Pawesomer were chosen from 300 applicants for the Unleashed Accelerator Programme 2021, together with other five innovative pet service startups around the world.

Our team combines the best of both worlds: veterinary expertise with the team’s technological know-how to bridge the needs of both pet parents and vets.

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