pawesomer for professionals

Pawesomer for Professionals

Pawesomer for professionals is a version of Pawesomer designed for service providers to help service providers and clients connect and share information through Pawesomer.

As an example, Pawesomer for professionals allows a veterinarian or a physiotherapist to see the client’s pet profiles and entries, with the option of making their own entries. Using Pawesomer as a service provider is completely free.

How does Pawesomer for professionals work?


Send a contact request to a client


The client accepts the request and gives permission for you to view their pets


You are able view entry history of all shared features, such as health and training related information


You can make entries, give tasks and record other information directly to the pet’s profile for the client to see

Key features specifically for professionals

Set up appointments with clients and manage all appointments in one place. You can also add post-appointment notes and the client can include their own separate notes. Read more below.

Add tasks for the client, which the client can then complete. You can even include a link to an instructional video or other relevant resource. The client can then grade and add their own notes upon completing the task.

View all pet information and past entries, and add your own. Compare and collect information from relevant features, including pain index results and care procedures. Read more below.

Benefits many different types of service providers

Pawesomer for professionals is suitable for use for many different types of service providers. It gives service providers a client and user friendly platform that allows for easier interaction and information sharing. The service provider also gets an all-encompassing view of the pet’s health and training history, providing additional insight into the pet’s well-being.

Who can register as a service provider?

To register as a service provider, you need to be a company or other entity that has a VAT number. The VAT number also acts as a username after registration.

Types of service providers include:

Veterinary services
Massage and physiotherapy services
Nutritional services
Grooming services
Training services
Animal care services

Connecting with a client

The first step towards connecting with a client is to send a contact request. This requires the client’s email address.

Only a service provider can send a contact request to invite a client. If no Pawesomer account matches the given email, the service provider is given the option to invite the client to register to Pawesomer and then accept the contact request.

After the contact request has been sent, the client has the option to accept the invitation. Afterwards, they can give permission for the service provider to view their pet’s information.

Once the service provider and client are connected with consent given by the client, the service provider is able to view the client’s pet profiles and add entries.

Service providers have the option to purchase promotional codes and offer Pawesomer for their clients for free for a chosen period. To purchase codes, please contact us.

If there are a large number of customers to be invited, please contact us and request a quote for the automatic addition of a large number of customers.

What can a service provider see and edit?

Service provider’s view of a client’s pet on a mobile device.

Service providers can see all the client’s pets and entry history in the shared features.

Currently, this includes pet profiles with basic information about the pet, appointments, tasks, pain index for dogs (HCPI), health diary, training and activity, care procedures, weight tracking, feeding diary, mood, vaccinations and parasite control, and links.

Service providers can add entries to all other features listed above, excluding activity, mood, and the pain index for dogs.

Any entries made by the service provider are displayed like any other entry along with those made by the client.

Appointment management

Appointment management view on dektop. To view a larger image click here.

Service providers can set up appointments with their clients and manage all their existing appointments in one place. The client then receives an appointment request they can either accept or decline. The appointment information includes the date and time and topic or procedure information, as well as a description. There is also an option to add post-appointment notes and an opportunity for the client to add their own separate notes. If the client declines or cancels an appointment, they have the option to send a note and, for example, suggest a better time.

Usable on mobile, tablet and computer

Pawesomer for professionals is part of our Pawesomer platform, and can therefore be used on mobile and tablet devices as well as laptops and computers. This enables the platform to be used on a device that best suits the service providers work flow.

For example, a larger veterinarian service provider may use it in tandem with their veterinarian software on a computer, but a smaller service provider, such as a massage therapist, might find a mobile phone more handy while making a house call.

Other questions and answers

How does a provider differ from a regular Pawesomer user?

Service providers are not able to add (their own) pets to their account. Instead, service providers can send contact requests to regular Pawesomer users, their clients, and then be able to view the client’s pets. If a client is not a Pawesomer user, they can be invited to join. Service providers can have an unlimited number of client contacts.

Can a client withdraw their consent to share their pets’ information?

Yes. The client always has an option to withdraw their consent to share information with a provider with the push of a button. Consent can also be restored as easily, which allows the client to only share their information when needed or desired.