Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is applied to the processing, sharing and storing of data by ITfox Oy (hereinafter “ITfox”,  “Pawesomer”, “us” or “ours”) on its web site , including relevant sub-sites (hereinafter the “Site”). This Privacy Policy is also applied to the use of our services and the Site. The links leading to external sites and the content inserted on the Site by third parties may be subject to third party’s own terms and privacy policies.


Using the Site and Service does not require signing up or disclosing personal data. When using the Site, your browser may automatically send us some information regarding your visit on the Site. This information may contain, inter alia:

  • your operating system and the type of your web browser which may contain information on the device used to visit the Site
  • your network connection
  • which site you are heading to, from which site you are moving from and which sites you visit
  • the information of sites, such as the time and duration of the browsing
  • the ability of your browser to process certain content types, such as the ability to process Flash content
  • cookies

We use the abovementioned information in real time in order to process your request of using the Site and to produce content on your device. In addition, we store the abovementioned information for different purposes such as data protection, correcting errors, analyzing the using information and user traffic and improving and modifying the user experience on the Site. The abovementioned information is stored anonymously, hence the information cannot be connected to any person or his/her IP-address. The information cannot be used to identify the user. In cases, where the Site identifies the user, personal data cannot be collected simultaneously.

When signing in on the Site, Pawesomer asks for your personal data, such as your name and address and contact information. This type of information is used for commercial and business purposes by Pawesomer, such as delivering the offered products. In addition, Pawesomer asks for and collects information on the user’s pets and that information and users contact information is disclosed to the faculty of veterinary medicine of the University of Helsinki if the user gives his/her consent to it.


Our Site may contain electronic forms to collect your personal data. This data is used only for the purpose it is collected for, such as delivering our products and communicating with you.If the visitor gives his/her consent, we may disclose the email contact information and information of the visitor’s pets to the research work.


We use cookies on our Site. Cookies are small text files sent and stored on the user’s computer that allow the admin of a web site to identify the users that regularly visit the site, to make signing in on the site easier and to enable the aggregation of information of the users. Cookies do not harm the computers or files of the users. We use cookies in order to provide our customers individually necessary information and services.

The data collected with cookies is used to improve the functionality and content of the Site. With cookies it is possible to store information of, inter alia, the user’s IP-address, time of the visit, visited sites, browser type used and the web site and server from which the user moved to the Site.

The user of the Site can, if she/he wishes to do so, turn off the cookies on the browser settings. We cannot, however, guarantee that our platforms function correctly after turning off the cookies as the cookies may be necessary for the functioning of some of the services. The user can turn the cookies back on at any time.


Our Site and Service may contain links to social media. If you already have an account on a service of a social media provider, this service may be able to identify you through that content or visiting its site. You can also be identified through that content even if you have not signed up as a user on that particular social media. You can find more information on social media privacy policies on that particular service provider’s own terms and privacy policy.


We do not disclose any information or data outside our organization. We use the collected data only for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and the existing Customer Register Policy. Only our employees, that need the information and data in order to perform their duties and tasks, have an access to the data concerned. If the visitor gives his/her consent, we may disclose the email contact information and information of the visitor’s pets to the research work or we may disclose anonymous data of pets for the research work.

The data and information is only disclosed with the consent of the user or due to a statutory obligation.


This Privacy Policy has been updated on 1st December 2018. Pawesomer reserves the right to modify the privacy practices and update this Privacy Policy accordingly. By using the Site and Services you accept the updated Privacy Police and other Terms of Service and Site.

In case the users have any questions concerning our products or services, we kindly ask you to contact Pawesomer’s customer service. If the question particularly concerns data privacy or this Privacy Policy, we kindly ask you to contact or